Teamsters Local 962

Please use the table below to determine which insurance provider you have.  If you have insurance through your company, please reach out to them for any insurance questions and inquiries.    

Contact information:

Teamsters 206 Trust  please call 866-230-6313 or 503-238-6961, 503-238-0205 (fax).  

Teamsters Local 177 please call 855-215-2039 

 Oregon Teamsters Employer's Trust (William C. Earhart) please call (503) 331-8243 for Eligibility, call (503) 331-8238 for Short Term Disability, Retirees and all other   inquiries call (503) 460-5212. 

 Instructions for OTET Short-Term Disability are below


Teamsters 206 Trust

Teamsters Local 177

Company Insurance

Alsco – Medford

US Foods (FSA)

UPS – Part-Time


Alsco – Roseburg

Bigfoot (Pepsi Roseburg)


Lanier Brugh


McDonald Wholesale

Chef Store

Pepsi - Medford


Pro-Tech Fire

LTM – Medford

Rogue Disposal

LTM – Roseburg

Rogue Waste

Riverside Readymix

Rural Metro

T Force


TP Freight

Timber Country Coca Cola


U S Bakery/Franz

YRC, Inc./Reddaway

Please read through these instructions regarding Disability for OTET Members and if vou have anv questions please call our office

 and talk to either Renee or Josh at (541) 664-4261

If you are off work or will be off for more than a three (3) week period due to an illness, injury, surgery or Workman's Compensation, the following steps need to be taken as a

member to protect your membership and maintain your Health Care Benefits and Life Insurance through Teamsters Local Union No. 962.

Open, complete, and submit the Withdrawal Card Form (Under Member’s Tab)

Print and complete the Statement of Short Term Disability Form (Under Insurance Tab).  

 Fill out the top portion of the form;

 Have your Employer fill out the bottom portion;  (it is very important that you have your Employer fill the form out before your Doctor due to HIPPA laws or it may be     rejected).

Then have your Doctor complete the middle section

Print the two forms: Teamsters Life with Dues Benefit Plan and Teamsters Life with Dues Attending Physician’s Statement (Under Insurance Tab).

As a dues paying member you have a $5,000 Life Insurance Policy through our office and to keep the coverage in effect please fill out and return to our office so we may

complete our portion and forward to Teamsters Life with Dues.  Mail to:  Teamsters Local Union No. 962, 4480 Rogue Valley Hwy. #10, Central Point, OR 97502.

Returning to Work

It is important that you contact the Local Union when you are released to return to work and a copy of the release should either be delivered, mailed, or faxed to Teamsters

Local Union No. 962. Upon receipt, we will contact William C. Earhart and the Life with Dues Benefit Plan and have the waivers removed. Once you return to work please

contact our office so we may deposit your withdrawal card and make arrangements for self-payment of dues if necessary.

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Insurance Please use the table below to determine which insurance provider you have.
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