Teamsters Local 962
Teamsters 962 Application


·  Affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters 962

·  I voluntarily submit this Application for Membership in Local Union 962 Brotherhood of Teamsters, so that I may fully participate in the activities of the Union. I understand that by becoming and remaining a member of the Union, I will be entitled to attend membership meetings, participate in the development of contract proposals for collective bargaining, vote to ratify or reject collective bargaining agreements, run for Union office or support candidates of my choice, receive Union publications and take advantage of programs available only to Union members. I understand that only as a member of the Union will I be able to determine the course the Union takes to represent me in negotiations to improve my wages, fringe benefits and working conditions. And, I understand that the Union's strength and ability to represent my interests depends upon my exercising my right, as guaranteed by federal law, to join the Union and engage in collective activities with my fellow worker.

I understand that under the current law, I may elect "nonmember" status, and can satisfy any contractual obligation necessary to retain my employment by paying an amount equal to the uniform dues and initiation fee required of members of the Union. I also understand that if I elect not to become a member or remain a member, I may object to paying the pro-rate portion of regular Union dues or fees that are not germane to collective bargaining, contract administration and grievance adjustment, and I can request the Local Union to provide me with Information concerning its most recent allocation of expenditures devoted to activities that are both germane and non-germane to its performance as the collective bargaining representative sufficient to enable me to decide whether or not to become an objector. I understand that nonmembers who choose to object to paying the pro rata portion of regular Union dues or fees that are not gel'- mane to collective bargaining will be entitled to a reduction in fees based on the aforementioned allocation of expenditures, and will have the right to challenge the correctness of the allocation. The procedures for filing such challenges will be provided by my Local Union, upon request.

I have read and understand the options available to me and submit this application to be admitted as a member of the Local Union.

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I, xxxx, hereby authorize my employer to deduct from my (Print Name) wages each and every month an amount equal to the monthly dues and initiation less uniform assessments of Local Union and direct such amounts so deducted to be turned over each month to the Secretary Treasurer of such Local Union for and on my behalf. This authorization is voluntary and is not conditioned on my present or future membership in the Union.

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If you do not wish to have your dues taken from your check automatically, please type, “Self-pay” in the box below.   If you choose this option, you must pay your dues every month on your own or we have the right to take you off the job until you do so.