Teamsters Local 962
President Sean O'Brien Sets the Record Straight on Yellow
Updated On: Jun 164, 2023


The Teamsters have learned that Yellow is talking to members about the company’s proposed change of operations and trying to blame the union for not allowing it to change its business model.

What Yellow is doing is wrong. The company is misleading members with false information. In fact, the company is trying to blame the Teamsters for its own executive mismanagement. Yellow wants to force union members to agree to significant mid-term operational contract concessions.

“Yellow has been unable to effectively manage itself for a long time,” said Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien. “Now, the company says it'll be out of money by August. Do not forget — Teamsters have already given back everything they possibly could to keep Yellow afloat.

"Yellow has shown that it doesn’t deserve and cannot be expected to continue under its current structure. The Teamsters cannot and will not keep bailing out this company with concessions. We are not interested in helping its corporate executives save face. It is not left to the Teamsters to save this company. Freight members have given enough.