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    Teamsters Local 962 is a democratic trade union established in 1938 in Medford, Oregon, some of the first Teamsters were milk drivers from Lost River Dairy who joined together for better hours and working conditions. Those early Teamsters and the labor movement as a whole fought the early battles for the 8-hour workday, the weekend, overtime compensation and workplace safety. Future generations of Teamsters ushered in the era of pensions and health care for workers. The Teamsters Union is proud of our role as a strong voice in the American workplace and while we strive to protect our hard fought gains, we are always looking to improve upon them.

    Local 962 has an experienced group of full-time officers that negotiate, and enforce Collective Bargaining Agreements on behalf of Local 962 members working for employers in the private sector. We represent workers in the freight industry, package delivery, intermodal, soft drink and food distribution, construction, fabrication, grocery, and general warehousing and trucking. If you bought it in the Southern Oregon area there is a good chance at one point it was handled or delivered by a Teamsters Local 962 member.

    What we do is simple. Represent our members to the fullest. Expand our membership by organizing the unorganized. 

    We are affiliated with Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37 based in Portland, Oregon and are one of more than 400 Teamsters Local’s affiliated with the 1.4-million-member strong International Brotherhood of Teamsters headquartered in Washington D.C.

    In Solidarity,

    What We Do
    Teamsters Local 962 has been fighting for working-class families for more than 80 years. We stand up for our members in the legislative, political, and social landscapes.Wages and benefits under Teamster contracts are markedly better than those of non-union employees in similar jobs. Teamster contracts are the guarantors of decent wages, fair promotion, health coverage, job security, paid time-off and retirement income. Local 962 negotiates contracts at the local level—they inform members about bargaining and unite Teamsters to win strong contracts and to enforce your rights on the job.
    Who We Are
    Our staff is made up of hard working men and women who know workers rights. Our E-Board has more than 100 years of combined experience standing up to employers. We believe that our union leadership should reflect the membership and that a strong union involves everyone.
    Who We Represent
    The International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents everyone from airline pilots to zookeepers. Local 962 represents truck drivers,UPS workers, sanitation workers, school bus drivers, construction, linen,bakery, beverage and soft drink industries,as well as grocery and warehouse-every kind of Teamster.
    Latest News
    TEAMSTERS AT TFORCE FREIGHT RATIFY NATIONAL AGREEMENT 2023.07.31 New Contract Protecting Nearly 8,000 Workers Overwhelmingly Approved Press Contact: Daniel Moskowitz Phone: (770) 262-4971 Email: (WASHINGTON) – Teamsters have overwhelmingly ratified a new national contract at TForce Freight by 81 percent.
    TEAMSTERS NOTIFIED THAT YELLOW CORP. OPERATING COMPANIES HAVE CLOSED 2023.07.31 Press Contact: Daniel Moskowitz Phone: (770) 262-4971 Email: (WASHINGTON) – The Teamsters Union was served legal notice today that Yellow Corp. is ceasing operations and filing for bankruptcy. “Today’s news is unfortunate but not surprising.
    O'BRIEN SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT ON YELLOW The Teamsters have learned that Yellow is talking to members about the company’s proposed change of operations and trying to blame the union for not allowing it to change its business model. What Yellow is doing is wrong. The company is misleading members with false information.
    YELLOW’S CONTRACT WILL BE RE-OPENED FOR NEGOTIATIONS POSTED ON MAY 05, 2023 Yellow’s attempt to impose a concessionary change of operations with no benefits for Teamster members has been stopped in its tracks. Instead, the Yellow NMFA will be opened and all issues will be on the table for negotiations, including wage increases which will have to be part of any new contract.
    As committees for two supplemental contracts moved closer to resolution, bargaining between the Teamsters National Negotiating Committee and UPS continued in earnest on Tuesday.


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